You might be reading this because you’ve contacted me about a full time CMO role. After 3 rounds of startup life (SoundCloud, Grover, Pitch) I have decided to focus on consulting as this enables me to offer value-added support for teams that don’t want/need a full time marketing lead at this stage in their growth. It also provides me with more variety of teams/products that I love to work on and the flexibility I need to also be a part-time stay-home parent 👨‍👧‍👦..

Here’s what I do and how I could help you:

  1. Sparring: This is my favourite advisory model where I act as a sparring partner to you (usually CEO/founder but also sometimes your existing marketing lead(s)). In just a couple of hours per week, we can power through all the topics, questions, strategies, concerns you have about getting marketing working smoothly in your company.
  2. Interim Leadership: If you are between CMOs and need part-time support, I can step in for a fixed term project. I’ve found that even at 1-2 days per week, it helps to keep work moving and gives teams more direction, while providing an objective external lens on refreshing strategy.
  3. Strategy & Stewardship: I can look at specific areas of strategy (e.g. brand, growth, go-to-market) and work with the team to not only develop the plan, but also to guide it through implementation. This often takes the form of a fixed-term project up-front and then a retainer moving forwards and helps provide continuity from idea to impact.
  4. Hiring: I can support you in finding the right people for your team, either acting as an SME to get external validation for your CMO search or by helping you identify the competency gaps and roles for your emergent team. I can bring in a recruiting partner to help manage the process too.

In terms of my background and expertise: I’m a generalist marketing leader who’s comfortable across the marketing spectrum. My specialism coming through the ranks was product marketing and growth but consider my focus areas these days to be about building sustainable teams, defining/refining core strategy (brand, growth etc), and early-stage PMF hunts. So, I’m open to a wide array of projects. Note: The one thing to note is that if your business is built on paid marketing, I’m probably not the person best equipped to help you with that (unless you are thinking of diversifying away).

I’ve worked with teams across multiple different industries (SaaS, web3, kids products, media, Fintech, ecommerce and more) and stages (although my sweet spot is in the seed-series B stage). More about me over on LinkedIn.

If you’d like to discuss a collaboration based on this, I’d be happy to chat. Primarily I work remotely but happy to meet in person if you’re in Berlin!

Cheers, Thom

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